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Cutting problems in LS- DYNA WORKBENCH

    • javat33489

      Hey everyone, I'm trying to cut the top of the LS-DINA WORKBEnch. The grid behaves not physically why?

      I am using materials from the database:

      There are other questions:

      1. If I choose a rigid drill body, then the joint is not available for it and I cannot move it. Therefore, I added another three 000 to the steel density of the sverd so that it does not deform.
      2. The grid behaves not physically why? I want a piece to come off.
      3. I set the movement along the X axis along the corresponding axes 0, but for some reason the drill still rises.

      Here are my settings, I also attached the archive below:



    • Ram Gopisetti
      Ansys Employee

      Hi , 

      that material do not have nay damage or the eps to fail an element hence you are seeing such issues, ideally, you want to simulate these process uisng SPG or EFG methods than Lagranginan elements 

      cheers, ram 

      • javat33489

        The workbench has a bug, which does not allow particles of SPH or SPG to be fixed in space.

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