cx2010.exe not responding

    • katz


      I have some problems.

      The first one concerns saving my data. Afer i calculated a steady simulation i wanted to save my data and case and set up the next simulation where i need the .dat of the steady simulation. every time i try this cx2010.exe is not responding and it wont come to an end. 

      Another error that occurs is, if i chose other settings than the automatic mesh. (other element sizes and capture proximity on instead of of) it gives me an error that says:Exception of type ´Ansys.fluent.cortex.cortexnotavailableException´was thrown

      or in german:  (Aktualisieren von Komponente Setup in Fluiddynamik (Fluent) ist fehlgeschlagen.  Eine Ausnahme vom Typ "Ansys.Fluent.Cortex.CortexNotAvailableException" wurde ausgelöst.)

      also an aplication error of cx2010.exe occured, the instruction at 0x000000006BD77EFA referenced memory at 0x00000000000000. The memory could not be read. 

      can anyone please help me?

      I tried it at home with the student version and also at the university with a full version. Same problems do accur.

    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      Cortex tends to be graphics but can be triggered by something else going wrong first.  By full version do you mean Teaching or were you using a Research licence? 

      How big (cell count) is the model and what physics have you got switched on?

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