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Cyclic loading on reinforced concrete column

    • vaibhavtaranekar

      Hello everyone, I am trying to perform cyclic analysis of a reinforced concrete column using ansys but not able to obtain the desired results and hence require your help.

      I have modeled a reinforced concrete column taking reference from a research paper using SOLID65 and LINK180 elements, then applied a constant pressure at the top top stimulate an axial load, then i have applied cyclic displacements on one edge of the column.

      Research paper link:


      Now i plotted a graph for the load and deflection which is giving a linear result however the actual graph should be like this.


      I will soon attach a model using ansys 19.2 but right now i have only 17.2 version.

      Please help me out in this analysis


      Thanks in advance!

    • Aniket
      Ansys Employee

      ANSYS staff are not allowed to download files from the community. What do you mean by "not able to obtain the desired results"? Are you using exact same setup (Boundary conditions, Materials) as given in the paper? Note that the paper is behind a paywall that everyone can not access. Also, note that we do not support correlation studies here.

      But in case you have specific questions kindly post them here or on a new thread.


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    • vaibhavtaranekar

      I am researching on cyclic loading of reinforced columns for my thesis work, for that I took a random research paper and tried to match the experimental results with ansys simulation to validate the ansys model so that i can apply it for my own research work. As you can see from the two graphs above, the one on the left is experiemental result and the right one is ansys simulation. the behaviour is not identical which is my main question.

      The research paper only provides limited information such as compressive and tensile strengths, cyclic loading data, rest all is assumed. I have attached the pdf below for anyone who wants to see it.

      I have switched to microplane model using solid185, which has given me the desired graph but the loading values are still very high but still i am making some progress.

      I wanted to ask how to improve the results using microplane model and how to determine the parameters C4-C6.

      Thank you for replying.

    • MohannadAlhusban22

      I am modelling exactly the same thing but using different experiment. Why do not we get in touch and discuss it. My email: 


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