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Cyclic Monitored Loading

    • AbelBerhanemeskel

      Hello Everyone,

      I was trying to model an experiment of a one story one bay frame with a cyclic displacement applied at the column top as shown below. My problem is that the loading protocol used for this type of tests specifies the required link rotation (vertical displacement difference between the two yellow highlighted points divided by the length between them) per every cycle. So my question is is there any way I can setup the column displacement which is dependent on link rotation angle? What I am basically asking is for example for the column displacement to stop and change direction once 0.02 rad link rotation is reached and again to stop and change direction when -0.02 rad link rotation is reached and so on. I am using static structural. Any help would be very helpful.


    • SaiD
      Ansys Employee
      Hi,nBased on your problem description, you could probably define a Remote Point for the geometry. Then you can apply a Remote Rotation using the Tabular option i.e. you can define a table specifying the Rotation values at different times.nHope this helps,nSai n
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