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General Mechanical

Cylinder under compressive load between two plates

    • krada

      Hello everyone.

      I want to model a cylinder between two plates under compressive load. In actual condition, it is line contact problem of Hertz and i want to simplify this model with combination of non-linear springs COMBIN39 and MPC184 element. I am using ANSYS APDL coding and direct mesh generation method. So, there is no Solid model available only FEA model. While doing solution i am getting error of highly distorted elements and solution is not converged. i have used following set-up for model.

       COMBIN39 Set-up :  Assign force-deflection relations ,which calculated from analytical equation, in real-constant set. I also tried with 1D and 3D spring element but the results are same.

      MPC184: default setting

      SOLID185: plate elements 

      B.C. : force on all nodes ( Y- direction) of top surface of top plate. Also constrained top plate in perpendicular direction to force ( X&Z).

      i have attached my code and deformed results pictures. Any help would be great. 

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