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General Mechanical

Cylindrical support of shaft

    • KPS1984
      Hi all, I have done analysis in torsion of solid shaft. Axis of shaft in Z direction, For my analysis I have used two boundary condition, the BC's are 1. Fixed at one end, 2. Cylindrical support by selecting surface shaft( tangential (free), radial (fixed) and axial (fixed).. only rotation is allowed.
      I got some results.
      If I do the same analysis by LINE BODY method instead of solidshaft, I am not able to constraint the cylindrical support. So I used fixed rotation constraint. But the results are different for the same analysis.
      Kindly give me a idea to make cylindrical support constraint in line body method. Thank u..
    • Sandeep Medikonda
      Ansys Employee

      Selecting a vertex is not supported. Please see here.

      It's hard to troubleshoot and tell why without any pictures.

      Please see if these examples (VMMECH049 & VM222) from the verification manual. You might also find the examples from the Cornell Learning Modules helpful.



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