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damping and hourglass coefficient in SSI example

    • Maryam Tabbakhh


      I was reviewing the example for SSI in here:


      I had two questions? Why the coefficeint of hourglass is zero? 

      and the second question is that: 

      why there is no tag for part in Damping_frequency_deform? If we put the coefficient to zero does it apply to all?




    • Ushnish Basu
      Ansys Employee

      In general, an entry of zero sets the default value as listed in the manual.

      DAMPING_FREQUENCY_RANGE applies to all parts for PSID=0, except for those specified in other DAMPING_FREQUENCY_RANGE cards. This is mentioned in the description in the manual.

      Note that these examples are illustrative only, and you should set parameters as appropriate for your model


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