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Damping in explicit dynamic analysis

    • walidelsiwi

      I am using an explicit dynic to get the responce of the ground deformation of dropped rigid body.

      I know damping in such analysis is nomirically considered via nonliniarity of the materilas.

      what i need is more information about this ? i need a refrneces show how the nomirical solution takes in account the energy dissapation.

      I already know " The damping is used in linear analysis to provide the energy-dissipation to the dynamic loads. While in explicit dynamic a nonlinear analysis is performed. This analysis considers the material nonlinearity behavior automatically in the numerical solution. Which makes the computer simulation more physical by absorbing the external loading through the nonlinear material deformation. Hence, there is no need to assign the damping ratio of the materials for such analysis."

      Anylinks or documnets in this regard is highly appreciated. 

    • Saumadeep
      Ansys Employee
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