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Damping of nonlinear materials like soil

    • walidelsiwi
      I am using the explicit dynamic model for drop test of steel object on the surface of soil geometry (nonlinear clay material). I am using for this ANSYS workbench 2021
      and I need how ansys solve the following
      1. How ANSYS control damping of clay. I know it is taken care of the nonlinearity of the material. But I am looking for a deeper explanation with the equations used?
      2. How does the clay modulus change from small to large strain during the drop test? as i understand the ANSYS after each time step ANSYS should optain the elastic modulus from the stress-strain curve based on the stress level!! and this is how it controlse it?? please correct me if i am mistaken.
    • Ram Gopisetti
      Ansys Employee

      Hi this is an vauge in terms of detail , what material model are you using to model the clay anything from the Brittle/Grannular tab. Have you read the background information on such material,

      cheers, Ram 

    • walidelsiwi

      Thanks for responding

      I am not using anything from Brittle/Granular as the clay does not belong to this category. I am using the multilinear isotropic hardening (stress strain curve) under Plasticity tab.

      I read all available information on ansys help which does not show the used equation or procedure that ANSYS follow to solve. All what i could fined is how to use ansys only.

      I am looking for an explanation of the theory, precedure or equations used by ANSYS.



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