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Discovery Import


    • masahiro9_kuroda

      ANSYS Discovery Liveで,長さ・重量の単位系はLiveオプションで変更できますが,




      Question translated in English:

      Change of unit system
      In ANSYS Discovery Live, the unit of length and weight can be changed with the Live option, but is it possible to change the unit system of force / stress? For example, by changing the unit of Young's modulus from Pa to MPa etc.

    • Naresh Patre
      Ansys Employee
      KURODA これは現時点でディスカバリーライブでは不可能です。 アイデアのセクションにあなたの提案を投稿することをお勧めします。   Reply translated in English: This is currently not possible in Discovery Live. We thank you for sharing your feedback. We will share your idea/input with the product development team.
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