Data extracted from the visualizer window ?

    • Mariah Ha


      I am trying to extract the data (matrix) of the electron and hole current densities (Jn and Jp) from the charge visualizer, as shown below. The "view data" option gives just a slice of the data. The "export to text" option also does not give all the magnitude matrix of Jn , as shown in the picture. I am looking for the whole matrix to perform some calculations, not a slice. I did not understand the meaning of x(7616,1,1) in the extracted text file. Can you please help me ?

    • Guilin Sun
      Ansys Employee
      I guess you are using CHARGE, which uses finite element mesh. Therefore, the dataset is not like the rectilinear FDTD mesh.
      You can get the result from CHARGE object:
      Then you will need to interpolate the Finite Element mesh into rectilinear result. Please refer this example:
      interptri - Script command - Lumerical Support
      Please follow the examples and write your own script.
      If you have scripting questions, please write a separate post.

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