data sampling for average values

    • abd fs

      Hi experts,
      I have an unsteady and turbulent flow, I have established the data sampling box for time statistics.
      the time step Ee-5 and the number of time step 6000. I wish to perform a mean study of the results.
      I recorded the files every 50-time step.
      I do not know what I can put as a value in the sampling box for time statistics.
      I want to average after 2100 where the flow becomes stable.
      so an average between 2100 and 6000
      Could you help me calculate the average speed over time for this transient simulation? 
      Best regard

    • DrAmine
      Ansys Employee
      Start the sampling when you think it's high time to sample. You can do that via journal or scheme journal with if condition or just click it via GUI.
    • abd fs

      Thank you so much Amine.

      Best regards,


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