‘debugging’ in fluent

    • dandelion

      Trying to figure out a good way on how to deal with errors in fluent.

      So for example I'd been getting "floating point exception. Error object #f". Is there some more detailed error log or any way to figure out the cause in this particular case except for knowledge like it could be the mesh or other settings? (found a list of common causes online)

      When searching for #f in the fluent files, I only found it as the value of the speed of sound in water (don't know if this is bad. I would imagine speed of sound shouldn't be set at all, should be calculated by fluent depending on the water temperature and anyways it's not relevant for my case)

      So it seems like I've solved this particular problem by changing a couple of parameters but still wondering if there is some kind of better way how to deal with these not very specific error messages and if more detailed information on the errors can be found somewhere.

      Hope you can kind of understand what I'm trying to say 🙈 thanks!

    • Karthik R
      Hello This is a hard question to answer as you rightly pointed out - there are several causes for this error and they are intimately related to your simulation setup. Unfortunately, there is no easy answer for this. Having said that, I'm glad that you were able to isolate and rectify the issue.
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