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Decrease speed Spaceclaim


    • sander

      Hello Support,


      A customer was working with some files in SpaceClaim and after a while the files began to decrease in speed to a point where they could not work properly with them. Note that they have two pc's with different versions of SpaceClaim running and the problem occurs on both pc's since today. I have asked them if they did update their pc's, but they did not do that.


      Now everytime they create a new document and work 30 minutes without any issue, the same problem reappears. We already tried to reinstall SpaceClaim on both computers (they are now working with the same version), but it did not work. 


      I asked the customer to receive the files, but even on my computer i couldn't work with them because they were slow. (loading the files in SpaceClaim takes also very long to process)


      I could not reproduce the problem on my pc by creating new document

    • Brian Bueno
      Ansys Employee


      Can you submit the file for further investigation?

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