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Deep Drawing – 2D Axisymmetric vs 3D Model

    • Paul Coyne



      I am creating an analysis of deep drawing, initially using a 2D axisymmetric behaviour within static structural. I want the tool pieces such as the die, punch and blank holder to be rigid however that is not possible within static structural when using 2D axisymmetry. I have also done a 1/4 3D model using symmetry boundary conditions and obtained the stress/strain results wanted, but I want to see if it is possible with 2D axisymmetry. Is there a way to simulate deep drawing for 2D axisymmetry in static structural without the tool pieces deforming? Would this analysis need to be conducted in explicit dynamics? I have attached images of the 2D and 3D models. Thanks.

    • Vinayak Vipradas
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Paul, 
      It is not possible to define 2d axisymmetric bodies as rigid in Mechanical. You can specify a very high Young's Modulus or carry out the analysis in Workbench LS-Dyna, where it is possible to define 2d axisymmetric bodies as rigid. 

      For more information about Deep Drawing anlaysis, please refer to the following Ansys Help Document: 
      Deep Drawing ( 

      Vinayak Vipradas


    • Paul Coyne

      Hi Vinayak,


      Thanks very much for your help. I'll try setting the toolpieces to have high Young's Modulus. Unfortunately I am unable to access the link you provided as it goes to the ANSYS Customer portal, and I am using a Student license which does not allow me to access the customer portal.

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