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      I model the impact of inert particles on a rotor blade. I created a UDF to calculate the coefficient of restitutions during particle-blade interaction. My UDF also calculates and displays the particle impact angle in Fluent console. I calculate the particle impact angle with the following equation:

      alpha = M_PI/2. - acos(MAX(-1.,MIN(1.,NV_DOT(f_normal,P_VEL(p))/MAX(NV_MAG(P_VEL(p)),DPM_SMALL))));

      However, I want to create a text file which will contain the particle impact angle for each particle-blade interaction instead of looking Fluent console to extract the impact angle alpha. 

      For this reason, I created a DPM OUTPUT UDF to extract different particle variables (particle position and velocity) in a text file. However, I couldn't find a way to calculate the particle impact angle with the UDF OUTPUT, because the array f_normal is not passed as an input argument by Fluent. Do you have any suggestion how I could calculate the particle impact angle with another equation in the UDF OUTPUT?

      Thank you.



    • DrAmine
      Ansys Employee
      store the angle in particle user variable to get filled when particle hit the wall and use that in your output. Alternative is to access the zone properties and calculate everything as you have been passed thread t.
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