Define Mixing Index of Multi-phase gas-solid flow

    • MohAgha1

      Dear All;


      Can anybody guide me through the setup of a user-defined function for calculation of the mesoscopic mixing index of gas-solid flow in fluent;


      mesoscopic mixing index: define mixing status (mixed/not mixed) based on the volume fraction of solids in the computational cell


      if(vof_s1 > 0.01) /* vof_si : volume fraction of solid i */


      Nt = Nt + 1;

      if (abs(vof_s1 - vof_s2)/vof_s1 < 0.1) {Ni = Ni +1;}

      MI= Ni/Nt;



      I want to access the void fraction in each cell for every phase and calculated MI and then posting its value after each time step

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