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define parameter in parameter set

    • Valeria

      Hello everyone

      I'm doing design optimization with direct optimization tool, but I'm having trouble with a "Slice" in my geometry. A length is changing in my geometry during optimization and I want the slice to move accordingly. I parameterized the position of the plane I used to slice the geometry and I would like to link this parameter ("Plane4.FD1" in the attach) to the changing length Lc, as this plane is positioned 30 microns further from Lc so when Lc changes during optimization I want Plane4 to move accordingly (this is because I used this slice to mesh the geometry).

      To be clear, Lc is 0.65 mm but has no units as it  is imported from SolidWorks CAD, the plane is parallel to YZ plane and Offset Global x is -0.68 mm, i.e. -Lc-0.03 mm. 

      Does Anyone please know how I can set the dimension "Plane4.FD1" as -Lc-0.03 mm?

      Thank you


    • Aniket
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Valeria,

      Try Expression as P2*1[mm] instead of using Just P2 and let us know if that helps.

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