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defined material (tensile and compression) contain negative slope – (softening)

    • murad Bsharat
      My Inquiry:

      My objective is to establish a comprehensive definition for a concrete material capable of exhibiting softening behavior under both compression and tension loads, utilizing the Mander concrete model with damage plasticity. I am seeking guidance on the appropriate procedure to achieve this.


      1- Im have the data for the degrom (stress -strain)  
      2- my project is analysis structure nonlinear time history  to get the maximum displacement ander seismic

    • John Doyle
      Ansys Employee

      I am assuming you are using MAPDL or WB-Mechanical.  If so, please refer to the MAPDL Material Reference Manual on Geomechanics options.  The Menetrey-Willam material option offers softening in tension and compression (Section 4.11 of R2023-R2 MAPDL docs).

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