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Defining a data set ( Parameter Set) with and without RMS

    • omidrastkhiz

      Hi everyone,

      I have structural segment which is part of stator of the generator and the material's properties for a few elements are unknown ( due to adding resin to the coils (copper) and lamination steel (stainless steel), and I started to set different inputs parameter (interval or a set of numbers) for the density and Young's modulus and Poisson's ratio, and for output parameter, I chose 7th natural frequency, and after I update design points I get this error about failing RSM, which I guess it is about Remote Solver Manager, can you please help me with it? I am using a laptop from a company with a valid license for ANSYS 18.2. 

      • Is it Possible to solve it without a server? Like changing Solution Process in Tools?
      • Is it possible to chose an interval for input parameter with steps ? for example in case of density, we choose 7850 to 8000 with steps of 5 like in MATLAB 7850:5:8000 and gets diagram for it?
      • How can I make a connection between MATLAB and ANSYS? My goal is to optimize the natural frequency by changing 3 parameters such as density, Young's modulus and Poisson Ratio, and minimize the error between the simulation results I got from ANSYS with the real experiment results, and I want to do it by optimization methods like genetic algorithm and basically doing an iteration method in which from MATLAB I need to define a range for each parameter and then by calling ANSYS, get the results and then using this result in MATLAB and check it with experiment results and doing this again and again,...

      Thank you so much in advance


    • HuiLiu
      Ansys Employee
      Hello Please refrain from creating duplicate posts for the same question. We will respond to your question here soon.
      I'm closing this post.
      Thank you.
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