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General Mechanical

Defining a variable load at beam free end

    • brunotav405

      Hello everyone!

      I'm trying to use WORKBENCH to simulate a model which consists of a cantilever beam with a variable load at the free end that consists of a force versus time .txt table.

      I'm still just starting at Workbench but I already know that this kind of analysis is possible with transient structural but I don't know where to define variable loads and how to define it.

      If anyone could explain how to do this type of simulation or just could give me some advice on this subject like a tutorial or an article it will help me a lot.


    • Surya
      Ansys Employee

      Please refer to this help documentation on how to perform a transient structural analysis - Transient Structural Analysis (
      This will help you get started on how to perform and different options available for transient structural analysis in Ansys Mechanical.

      Thanks Surya
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