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Defining different laminate thicknesses in radial direction in ANSYS ACP & Materials Definitions

    • Petukka

      I am trying to model a composite wind turbine blade based on a open model found in research literature. In these documents the blade is quite well defined with all the composite layup tables and material definitions. I have few questoins regarding materials definions in Workbench and the composite layup definitions in ACP.

      Firstly I am given the information of the orthotropic laminate materials in the following format. Basically I can input the ABD-matrix as this orthotropic material information. In this case I'm only using the Young's Moduli, Shear Moduli, Poisson's ratios and the densities. These can be seen in an example of the triaxial multidirectional ply material definitoin in the picture after.

      Question regarding this is, that is this the correct way to input these values in order to basically use an ABD-matrix for an equivalent material. And secondly in the following picture there are values of the failure strains, how should these be defined in the materials?

      And to the ACP question(s). In the following picture there is a picture of the complete blade model and all the different components of it. For these 11 components there are layup definitoins given in table formats seen in the picture after that.

      For example if we take the leading edge panels which have a radial length as seen in the table, what is the proper way of defining the layups across the span? In total there's 100 different sections with different definitions of the 3 different materials in this case with layer thicknessess going form 0 to 30 mm. Currently I have defined the 100 sections as 100 different parallel selection rules, but now I'm stuck that how should I define basically 100 different sections of different layups for 11 different components? Is there a reasonable way of reading the layer thicknesses from this type of a file into ACP? In the following pictures the created ParallelSelectoins can be seen, these were created by reading in a CSV-file, but I'm yet to find how something like this could work for the layups.

      Final thing is, that if I'm going to connect some external component into this composite model, is this actually better to do in Mechanical than ACP and is there some reasonable way of working with composites in Mechanical?

      Thanks in advance!

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