Defining New Acoustic Material

    • udaraherat


      I am trying to simulate the noise reduction (A-weighted Sound Pressure Level) obtained by using a vertical barrier wall between the noise sources and receiver. I have selected some acoustic materials which I need to simulate to find the respective noise reduction capabilities.

      Can anyone please tell me what Physical properties( i.e. Density, Young's Modulus etc.) and what Acoustic porpoerties (i.e. Absorption Coefficient etc.) are needed to accurately define these acoustic material in ANSYS 2021 R1?


      Many thanks in advance.


    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      I suspect you actually want to do this in Mechanical rather than CFD. You'll then need various material properties to reflect the bendy/deformability of the barrier material. Not sure there's an acoustic absorption coefficient as such as the sound wave is deadened by the surface finish and material deformation: there's a reason why rooms with carpets & curtains are less echoing than rooms without. 

    • udaraherat

      Thank you for the reply.

      Yes, I am trying this in Mechanical.

      Just confused as to what material properties exactly are needed. 

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