Defining surfaces for measurements before post processing

    • Enguerrrand Dross


      I would like to measure flow mass, proportion of Ux<..., and some other parameters over various surfaces in my model. The surfaces on which I would like to make the measurements are quite complex, and I will have a lot of simulations to do on a lot of varying geometries.

      These surfaces are automaticaly generated on my CAD software, therefor I would like to use them as such, and avoid spending a lot of time recreating them on CFD Post. However, I can't manage to realize the meshing of my domain. I would like to specify them as "measurement surfaces", so that they are not meshed but appear in CFD Post, but I do not know if it is possible. I use the fluent meshing (referred as watertight I believe) and I am on the 2022R2 version.

      I can provide geometry and simulation files if needed, or just even screenshots.

      Any help would be welcome, thank you very much !

    • Rob
      Ansys Employee


      Add a label to the faces in the geometry tool (interior-measure-fred for example). What you want is for the surface to have a name that is visible, identifable and understood by Fluent Meshing to not be removed. Interior is the definition of surfaces that are present in the mesh but don’t do anything to the flow. 

      To add - those faces are part of the geometry, ie they're meshed with the volumes. An alternative for Fluent is the Imprint option, I don't think that'll transfer to CFD Post. 

      I recommend updating to 2023R1 as the Report file/generation features you’re (probably) using in CFD Post are now also in Fluent. 


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