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Deformation of steel on sandstone in WB LS-Dyna ACT.

    • javat33489

      I'm simulating SPH drilling of sandstone particles using Mohr Coulomb in WB LS-Dyna ACT.

      Drill - rigid body.

      Nozzles on the drill are deformable.

      Steel properties:

      Sandstone properties:

      Why do my baits bend so much? They are much harder than sandstone. Drilling does not occur:

      Calculation time 0.001 s.

      I am using Displacement:

      Rotate 180 degrees and move 5 mm.

    • Ram Gopisetti
      Ansys Employee

      Hi javat, 

      rethink the material model for sandstone with some failure criteria , read the paper title "Numerical simulation of impact on pneumatic DTH hammer percussive drilling " by Changgen Bu .

      cheers Ram 

      • javat33489

        I read, thank you what I need.

        BUT I can't add that kind of stuff to Dyna ACT WB.

        1. I tried to add a MAT_JOHNSON-HOLMQUIST_CONCRETE snippet and PART card to link the rock to be drilled to the material, but the workbench gives me errors:

        Then I decided to add a section map, it didn't help either:

        How to add material snippet to Dyna ACT WB?

        I have a rigid drill. Rock / blank - sph - I want to assign the material to it through the map:

        2. Then I decided to add material to DYNE Prepost. And the calculation did not work again, the following error appears:

        But with a simple plastic material he thinks


    • javat33489

      I figured out the LS Dina ACT.

      The material snippet needs to be inserted into the geometry and not into the solver.

      BUT the material still does not work. When inserting a snippet:

      writes an error:

      If you insert without a TITLE, then the calculation does not start.

      But the LS-Dine postprocessor (black) still does not work. Error above.

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