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Delamination interface in ACP

    • Mahmoud Mosaad

      Good morning everyone!
      I'm working on a bachelor project and need to simulate a delaminated carbon fiber composite. I need to determine the effect of delamination on the behavior of the composite and I don't know how to model a composite with delamination. Can anyone help me with this problem??
      Thanks in advance!

    • Reno Genest
      Ansys Employee

      Hello Mahmoud,

      As a first step, you could evaluate the risk of delamination using a failure criteria such as Puck 3D. See the ACP documentation for more informaiton:


      If you want to explicitly model the delamination and have ply separation, you could do this using interface layers in ACP:


      Here is more information from the ACP doc:

      If you have access to the Ansys Learning Hub (ALH), you will find a workshop on delamination in the following training course:


      Let me know how it goes.



    • Mahmoud Mosaad
      Thanks a lot, Reno ! Actually, I don't have access to Ansys Learning Hub but I will follow the steps you mentioned. I just have a final question, can I specify the delamination region ?? since I don't need the delamination to be through the entire sample. Thanks a lot for your time and consideration !
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