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density depends on temperature and salinity


      Hi guys

      How I can define the density in the term of two parameters: temperature and salinity. i.e software calculate density with the respect the 2 parameters. any of you can describe an algorit?m?


    • KR

      Hello John,

      I'd like to point you to a user defined macro - DEFINE_PROPERTY. You can use this macro in a UDF. You can compile and load this UDF into your simulation. Please refer to section 2.3.24 DEFINE_PROPERTY UDFs (Fluent customization manual) for more details and examples. Please note that you will need the two parameters, temperature and salinity, to be defined in your simulation and will need to use them as inputs to your UDFs. Please refer to the examples in the manual on how to code this.

      Hope this helps.

      Best Regards,


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