Design Explorer and System Coupling with Maxwell and Importet Geometry

    • BadDan2012


      I want to do an optimization of the geometry for imported CAD data with ansys maxwell. I managed to get the proper parameters with the prefix DS_ transferred to workbench. In the Maxwell Simulation I put a local variable for my DS parameter and know i want to optimize the torque, which i put as an output. Now when I start an optimization over Workbench it lists my DS variable and my local variable from Maxwell. But the design points for both variables are different: for example DS_radius=150, and local_radius=145. How can i say that they should be equal? Or do I have to do the optimization directly in Maxwell?

      The error message is:
      (DP 1) Maxwell > Parameter 'local_NUTHOEHEROT' are mapped to variable 'A1@DS_NUTHOEHEROT' in source design 'Geom'. Workbench passed in '11.5' for source design, but passed in '10' for target design. Result may be incorrect. (2:59:41  Jun 12, 2020)

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