Design of experiemnt does not resume

    • LucaMartorelli
      Dear all I am slightly confused on how to interrupt a design of experiment run and then resume it.
      I tried to stop (interrupt, not abort) a run in progress in design of experiments because I noticed that few design points output an error, and I wanted to investigate further before running the other 50 simulations. Once interrupted, I tried to set the failed design points as current and run them manually to see what was the issue, but afterwards I was not able anymore to resum the parametric run.
      Is there something wrong in what I did or is it just design of experiment that does not like to be interrupted?
      Thanks for the help.
      Regards Luca
    • Aniket
      Ansys Employee

      It should not happen, you should be able to resume from where you left. What error are you getting? Also, can you manually change current design point and solve it?



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