Designing an electromagnet simulation to calculate the magnetic flux density.

    • Ollie_Eldridge


      I am currently in the process of designing an electromagnet to harvest energy from overhead railway lines using Ansys Maxwell 3D. I need to get the magnetic flux density in order to then work out the voltage and finally the power of the electromagnet so that I can optimise the design. I am struggling to design the coil for the model and so believe any current results I am getting for the flux density is incorrect. The electromagnet is situated around the wire and therefore the coil needs to also follow this. Any help would be appreciated.


    • Navya C
      Ansys Employee
      Hi @Ollie_Eldridge Go through the Maxwell getting started help on Solenoid problem which is also an electromagnet simulation.
      If the purpose of your electromagnet is to pull some object towards it, first, find out the force required to pull that object.
      Then in maxwell, you can design an electromagnet, as explained in the above help document, and find the force exerted by the electromagnet on that object. You can play with various design parameters like number of turns, current etc, till you achieve the required force from the electromagnet

      Regards Navya

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