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General Mechanical

DesignModeler and Workbench parametrization

    • Cesar0103

      Hi everyone...@pmunaga

      I'm performing an optimization in WB, but the following happens to me:

      (DP 17) Maxwell > Link parameter 'rb' in source system 'Geom-7' is mapped to constant '45' in target system. Map the link parameter to a design variable or project variable in the target system to enable synchronization. (6:45:42 p. m. feb. 23, 2022).

      This only happens to me with the parameters defined in DesignModeler, but not with the parameters from Electronic Desktop. Can anyone help me with any idea why this might happen?


      All the best

    • Navya C
      Ansys Employee

      Can you provide some screenshots to understand what are you parametrizing(rb) and how you are linking?

      Regards Navya
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