DesignXplorer – distributed mass to be a function of geometry volume

    • djnckln

      Hi all

      I'm looking for some help with DesignXplorer.

      I am using a simple geometry. I want to change the size of this geometry and see the effects of applying a distributed mass on the resonant frequency. I have set up the model and parameters as required. I want the parameter of distributed mass in Ansys Mechanical to be a function of the volume of the geometry. I have set up a new parameter to calculate the volume of the tube in the parameter set but I am struggling to then link this to the distributed mass parameter. I cant do this in either parameters set or design of experiments. I am able to add a value for the distributed mass in design of experiments but not as a function of the changing volume of the geometry.

      Can anyone help?

      Kind regards and thank you in advance.

    • Aniket
      Ansys Employee
      Hi! As the volume is an output parameter, you can not drive an input parameter with an output parameter. How the distributed mass is related to the volume of geometry? Can you try to explain? Maybe, you can use some relation between input parameters that change the geometry volume and use it to change the distributed mass.
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