Desing in ansys electronics 2018 hfss

    • iris
      To simulate a flat circular double-bed coil, use the polygon helix, but when joining both circular coils,
      and wanting to simulate their electric field, it throws me the message Non-manifold vertices found for part.
      How can I solve this, can you help me.

      thank you

    • Chinmay T
      Ansys Employee

      Can you please let us know how did you design this coil?
      You can use the Ansys toolkit for designing the coils.
      Try connecting the coils using the same cylinder objects present in the design.
      Click on the error message in the Message Manager window to see which object is causing the error. You can also try the healing option to overcome this error.
      Please go through "Setting the Healing Options" from HFSS Help document for more information.
      Thanks Chinmay
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