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Desktop/laptop specification for Ansys forte

    • Kirankumar

      Dear friends

      I am simulating port injected si engine, what is the minimum specification of laptop required to simulate the process?, because I did my simulation using dual core(Intel) with 4gb ram laptop but my simulation stopping in the midway by showing mpi dead lock error, i think this error is due to low ram availability. Please suggest me how to overcome this problem

      Thank you

    • Vinayak Vipradas
      Ansys Employee

      Minimum Hardware requirements:
      Processor(s): Workstation class
      4 GB RAM
      25 GB hard drive space
      Computer must have a physical C:/ÔÇØ drive present
      Graphics card and driver: Professional workstation-class 3-D
      Please see if the following discussion helps:
      MPI Deadlock issue while running FORTE in cluster. ÔÇö Ansys Learning Forum

      Regards Vinayak
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    • jhonibraham
      Ansys Hardware Requirements:
      64-bit Intel or AMD system, running Windows10.
      A dedicated NVIDIA GPU card (Quadrorecommended,GeForce supported) basedon the Kepler, Maxwell,Pascal, or Turing architecture. Maxwell 2000 or better is strongly recommended.
      At least 4GB of video RAM (8GB recommended) on the GPU.
      More than 2 Physical CPU Socketsin a System
      Multiple Machines Running in a Cluster
      Simultaneous Users on a Machine(Remote or Local)
      A minimum of 1TB is recommended for the installation and use of your Ansys software.
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