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Detailed Steps for Simulation, Material Modeling, and Geometry of Ferrocement

    • Minan Zuhri Zamia

      Hello everyone,

      I am new to using Ansys software and have limited experience in material modeling, especially when it comes to simulating the tensile strength testing of ferrocement plate materials. I need your help and guidance in performing simulations using Ansys, as well as in modeling the geometry of ferrocement plates and their integration with wiremesh and mortar. Here are some specific details I can provide:

      1. Geometry: a. What are the initial steps in Ansys DesignModeler to create the geometry of a ferrocement plate? Can you provide specific steps for creating the basic shape of the plate? b. How can I adjust the dimensions and shape of the plate according to the desired specifications? Are there tools in Ansys DesignModeler that allow for precise modification of geometry?

      2. Material and Wiremesh Modeling: a. How can I input the mechanical properties of materials, such as concrete mortar, into Ansys? Are there standard concrete material data sources I can use if I don't have specific material data? b. How do I model the wiremesh in Ansys DesignModeler? Are there tools or features available to create wiremesh with the appropriate shape and dimensions?

      3. Integration of Wiremesh with Mortar: a. After successfully modeling the wiremesh and creating the geometry of the ferrocement plate, how can I integrate the wiremesh with the mortar to form the ferrocement plate? b. Are there specific steps I need to follow in Ansys DesignModeler to ensure proper integration between the wiremesh and mortar?

      4. Meshing: a. Once the ferrocement plate is modeled and the wiremesh is integrated with the mortar, what are the steps to create a mesh with the appropriate resolution on the geometry model? b. How can I adjust the element size and mesh density to meet the requirements of the simulation?

      5. Boundary Conditions and Analysis: a. How can I apply boundary conditions to the ferrocement plate model, such as applying tensile load to one end and restricting movement at the other end? b. Are there any specific requirements or steps to follow in Ansys to set up explicit dynamic analysis and its related parameters?

      I would greatly appreciate your assistance and guidance in helping me perform simulations, material modeling, and geometry modeling of ferrocement plates using Ansys. Thank you very much for your attention and support!

      Best regards,
      Minan Zamia

    • Ashish Kumar
      Forum Moderator


      Can you please search internet for the following keywords: 'Ferrocement ANSYS'? You may find relevant articles.


      Thanks and Regards,

      Ashish Khemka

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