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Details and acids

    • javat33489

      Hi all. How to solve such a problem. Putting a steel part in acid and then putting that state of the part into static analysis and pressure?

    • Ashish Khemka
      Forum Moderator



      Can you elaborate on what will happen when you put the steel in acid?



      Ashish Khemka

      • javat33489

        for example, if aluminum is immersed in a certain acid, it will begin to oxidize and become thinner

    • SaiD
      Ansys Employee

      Finite element analysis method (that Ansys Mechanical solver or Autodyn solver or LS-DYNA solver uses) cannot simulate corrosion. If you can find another method/way to model the thinning of the parts due to being immersed in acid and get the final dimensions of your part, then you can simulate the effect of forces, pressures and other mechanical loads on this part in Ansys Mechanical.

      Hope this helps.

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