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Determination of rpm of propeller

    • Saif Qureshi


      I am going to find rpm of propeller by giving inlet velocity of fluid or flow rate of fluid.

      How I can find it on cfx or fluent


    • Federico Alzamora Previtali

      Hello Saif, 

      how is the propeller moving? Are you setting a Dynamic Mesh with 6-DOF for the propeller to react to the incoming fluid? If you do, you have the option of Writing Motion History when setting it up.

      You may also monitor the position of a point on one of the blades on your propeller. Choose an axis normal to your rotation vector and you should get a sinusoidal position as a function of time. The period of this sinusoid will be the inverse of your frequency.

      I hope this helps!

    • martin.kocijancic

      Hi. I assume you already have the geometry of propeller and mesh. You can set inlet boundary condition to inlet-pressure (keep default p=0) and outlet BC as outlet-pressure. Make sure inlet and outlet are far enough from propeller. Set rotation speed of propeller, you need to guess it. Then run simulation and Fluent will calculate velocity at inlet. Adjust RPMs so that you come close to specified inlet velocity.

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