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Determining frequency response of a room

    • mmy3147

      Hello all, 

      I am trying to get a frequency response of an arbitrary room using ANSYS 2019 R1. Unfortunately I have not found any guides pertaining to the new acoustics module and all are based on the older ACT acoustics. 

      Currently I have set up  a room with a speaker in the middle at around human height, and I am using an incident wave source with a back enclosed speaker. Trying to simulate a human singer. Most tutorials use mass source however I am using this source since I am able to position it at different places, it looks like it is no longer possible to place a mass source on a node.

      I have two questions, first, what is the idea behind the radius of pulsating sphere ? does it indicate the size of the speaker driver ? 

      Also in the simulation, the frequency response becomes flat after 2500 Hz , while I am trying to attempt a full response curve from 0 - 24k Hz.  Is this due to the coarse mesh or is there an issue with the boundary conditions I have set up ? 

      I have attached the project file here. 

      Thanks in advance for your help.

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