Determining the Smallest Cell Size in the Mesh

    • moe9423


      Hope you are all doing well.

      I am doing a transient laminar analysis to simulate pulsatile blood flow

      My fluid domain is a 2d  rectangle with the following dimensions: 3.5 cm (length) & 3 mm (diameter) and the mesh is shown below.

      I am trying to calculate the time step size using the courant number that's why I need to determine the smallest cell size in my mesh.

      Using fluent I tried 'check' mesh and by taking the square root of min area or cubic root of min volume I get cell size equal to 0.0262 m and 7.829*e-3 m respectively  which in both cases sounds unreasonable given that my domain has a diameter of 3e-3.

      Does anyone know how can I determine the smallest cell size in my domain?

      Thank you in advance

      Initial Course Mesh Volume & Area report

    • DrAmine
      Ansys Employee
      As it is 2d the volume will be made by reference depth. Default is one meter if you did not change it under reference values.
    • moe9423

      This makes a lot of sense now.

      Thank you for your help I appreciate it.

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