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Deviating Initial Temperatures In Transient Thermal Simulation

    • f_werner
      Dear all currently I am working on a cooling process of a cubical structure within another cube, each of different materials. I am interested in the distribution of the heat inside the outer cube aswell as the cooling of the inner structure (heat passing the contact areas). Nothing passing outside of the bigger body. Therefore I only consider the contact areas of the cubes. To safe simulation resources I split the cubes in half.

      Now for the problem: as I added initial temperatures (600°C inner cube; 20°C outer cube) via the commands sheet regarding named selections, very odd values are put in as you can see in the screenshot provided. Later on the values move towards the values I put in.
      What can be done regarding this issue?
      Further more as soon as I enlarge the dimensions of the cubes to the values I intended (50mx50mx50x inner; 150mx150mx150m outer) nothing seems to work any more.
      I am a bit lost here as I am new to Ansys and it seems to have a mind of its own here.
      Will od course provide more information, if needed.
      Thanks for your help.

    • Bill Bulat
      Ansys Employee

      I beleive that the component names Steinsalz u. Salzmischung are associated with groups of elements rather than with groups of mesh nodes. The IC command expects a component name that identifies a group of nodes:


      It might work if you modify your command object as follows (the NSLE command selects nodes used by the currently selected elements):











      I hope this helps!


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