DI Engine Model with EGR Network in Chemkin Pro 2020 R2

    • gandolf


      Is it possible to create an EGR Network with the DI Engine model, similar to the sample with HCCI? I have tried with the DI model, but it doesn't seem to accept any initialization inputs for the reactant species since it is receiving an input from the injector. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

    • Judy Cooper
      Ansys Employee
      Hi Gandolf:
      The trick in setting up a lot of these EGRs is to be sure to pick up the initialization area of the PSR. This is just above the inlet location on the left side of the square that contains the PSR symbol. You can move hover over the PSR and then drag a line when this lights up.
      The engines cannot accept an inlet stream if they are closed, but they can accept initialization streams:

      In the case of the DI engine, this is not a closed system, and it needs an inlet as well:

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