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General Mechanical

Did anyone know how to write cdb file with mesh data and material properties for composite layup?

    • Venugopalb

      I am using ACP to formulate composite section. Did linear buckling analysis. I want to use the buckling mode shapes as imperfection for nonlinear analysis. So that i need to save it as cdb file along with the deformed mesh and material property. So that i can do nonlinear analysis using external model.

      Can anyone help me.

      THank you

    • Wenlong
      Ansys Employee


      To use the linear buckling shape as imperfection for nonlinear buckling analysis, you can do the following:

      To adjust the imperfection amplitude, you can adjust the scale factor in properties:

      With ACP it should be the same procedure, just add ACP before the first analysis system. 

      Please give it a try.


    • Venugopalb

      Thank you for your reply Wenlong.

      But i already tried using acp, but the solution is not transferable, when using ACP with the above mentioned block. It shows only APDL to transfer. Also I want to combined mode shapes as imperfection (like 1 and 2). Is any other way?



    • rahmanmahfuz11
      Hi, nDid you find any solution to this problem of nonlinear buckling analysis for composite materials? I am stuck in this problem too.nI have been able to export the cdb file and import it into the external model & then into static structural but the cdb file doesn't contain the ply material information. And when I want to assign the ply materials in static structural, it doesn't accept any materials.nnUPDATE:nI have been able to solve it. You have to pass both the model and engineering data from the External Model like this:nn
    • Venugopalb
      nYes. I used external model method to import the cdb file with deformed mesh data and linear material properties. But, If you want to add multilinear isotropic hardening into your model the external model shows error.nIs any other way to include multilinear isotropic hardening to this model?nThank younregards nVenugopalbn
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