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General Mechanical

Dieffrence between Split Body and Split Surface

    • Mert41

      Dear All;

      I am making an analysis using midsurface method. I will split a part of surface. 

      But I prefer to split surface. and I will aplly pressure to that surface.

      might be a difference on solution to split body or surface?

      thank you in advice.

    • Erik Kostson
      Ansys Employee



      Split body will generate say for one surface/part, 2 bodies/parts with one surface each.

      Split surfcae will generate for one surface/part, 1 body with 2 surfaces.


      I would suggest to use that in SC and see what happens.


      All the best


    • Mert41

      Mr. Erik;

      Thank in adcive 

      bets regards.

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