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Difference between Intel MPI and Microsoft MPI?

    • apr37


      I am installing Ansys Em Suite 2021 R1. When Choosing to Install Distributed Simulation Technologies, I am presented two options: Intel MPI and Microsoft MPI. I have a few questions:

      1. What is the difference between these two choices?
      2. is it important that all the computers I use in a HPC configuration are using the same MPI?
      3. IBM MPI used to be an option but it is not an option now. Is there a reason for this? Is the Microsoft MPI a direct replacement?

      Thank you,


    • Randy Kosarik
      Ansys Employee
      Hi Alex IBM Platform MPI was discontinued on April 30, 2020.
      At the AnsysEM2020R1 release, the IBM Platform MPI option was replaced by MS MPI.

      Are you distributing via AnsoftRSMService or a Windows Server 2016 w/ HPC addon scheduler?
      -- AnsoftRSMService would use Intel MPI. In this situation, you would install Intel MPI on each computer and register each user's credentials. MS MPI is not a valid option in this situation.
      -- Windows HPC scheduler can use either Intel or MS MPI. However, you would most likely use MS MPI as it is installed with the scheduler addon. MS MPI authentication is done automatically via AD.
    • apr37
      I am using RSM service per the guidance I received in this thread:
      (link here for fellow readers)
      so I have installed the Intel MPI and I am up and running.
      Thank you Randy!
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