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Difference between pull and move

    • jerry.chen

      In Discovery Live-Thermal Analysis Tutorial, pull and move were used to change the geometry respectively. When widening the length, move was used, whereas pull was used to change the height. I thought pull would be used to widen the length, I tried but the radius was changed instead. In what circumstance move needs to be used instead of pull?  

    • Naresh Patre
      Ansys Employee

      Hello JC_TADC

      Move tool operates a lot like Pull tool. The biggest difference between Pull and Move is that Move tool changes location of an object while Pull tool changes and extrudes, and grows and shrinks objects. There are many videos available under Knowledge base section demonstrating Pull and Move tool.

    • ERab
      Ansys Employee

      When editing existing solids without any of the modifying toolguides:

      • The Move Tool Translates or Rotates each select face in 1 Global Direction at a time
      • The Pull Tool Offsets each selected face in it Own Normal Direction

      As Naresh mentioned, this often results in the Move tool changing location while the Pull tool changes size.

      These 2 videos highlight the basics of each tool and the 2nd helps clarify the differences between them.

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