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Different file extensions

    • Mark Ellis

      Newbie question: picking up Ansys after someone retired. What do the different file extension refer to? 

      I'm hoping to find a solved sim result where I can open it and export the S-Parameters but not sure what file to start with.

      I see the following extenstions:





    • Dan Dv
      Ansys Employee

      Hello Mark,

      The .asol extension is an internal file type, and is not anything that you can open by itself. The .hfss and .aedt file type are actual project files, so those are what you would try to open to see if there are valid results that you could export s-parameters from. Though a .hfss file is a much older form of the project file and it is not always possible to open those in recent version of the Ansys Electronics Desktop, as opposed to .aedt which is our current project file format. 

      Best regards,


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