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Different file extensions

    • Mark Ellis

      Newbie question: picking up Ansys after someone retired. What do the different file extension refer to? 

      I'm hoping to find a solved sim result where I can open it and export the S-Parameters but not sure what file to start with.

      I see the following extenstions:





    • Praneeth
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Mark,

      Thank you for reaching out to the Ansys learning forum.

      Please note that ".asol" contains data related to the saved solution, ".hfss is the file extension for HFFS type before the release of Ansys Electronics Desktop (AEDT) which is now stored as ".aedt" which contains all the data related to the AEDT project. More details can be found in the "HFFS Files" section of the HFSS Help pdf document which can be accessible from the Help menu.

      It is suggested to go through open the ".aedt" project in the AEDT application and plot the results using the UI for a beginner. Kindly go through this free video course for detailed information on the AEDT interface and HFSS options - Intro to Ansys HFSS - ANSYS Innovation Courses.

      Best regards,

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