Different mesh for two different solids

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    • KF123


      This is my first time using ANSYS and I am trying to analyze the flow of water. I am making a pipe and a very small stone. However, due to the very small size of the stone, it is difficult to create a mesh for the stone. So I want to create different meshes for two different solids or change the parameters for one combined solid (pipe + stone). Please let me know how I can apply the mesh to these two solids.

       I have successfully created different meshes for two different solids with the meshing software, but when I change to the CFD solver software, it starts recalculating. Therefore, I was not able to save the two meshes. When two slides were merged into one solid, one mesh parameter could not be applied.

      Pipe, element size 0.001

      stone, element size 0.00001

      Total mesh number < 520000

    • manelaero2020
      look at this video

      " target="blank">
      ( create different mesh for multi bodies)

      your two bodies must be frozen ( separated ) (I am not very sure but you can also make your two frozen bodies under one part , may it can help further)
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