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General Mechanical

Different scaling/normalization of modal shapes

    • KristofVC

      Hi all,

      For my master's thesis, I am performing a modal analysis of a steel plate structure. When reviewing the resulting mode shapes, there are significant differences in the magnitude of the local vibrations of some, less accurately modelled, free edges of the plate structure. My professor told me that I should change the scaling method to check whether the global deformations are at all significant compared to the local ones.

      My question then is: how do I change the scaling method in Ansys Workbench? I know there are a couple of ways to normalize results (mass matrix, unity, if I forget another feel free to let me know). I have found some sources which suggest adding in commands in apdl, but I am not at all familiar with these, and have so far not managed to correctly write a command in the solution subsection of Workbench to change the results of my analysis.


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