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Different version different results, is V 15.0 available anywhere?

    • pmh1d15

      I'm new to fluent, and I have followed the Cornell 3D Bifurcating Artery online tutorial through so that I can learn from this and apply this to a 3D geometry of my own. I have been through this tutorial a few times following exactly. In ANSYS 17.2 and 18.2 student versions there is a slight difference in the results they give for the particle tracking.

      V 18.2 gives the same particle trajectory as in the tutorial (done in fluent 15.0) if I try in fluent 17.2 there is a slightly different trajectory and one particle does not get stuck on the wall like in the tutorial. This is not from me entering any wrong values, I have been through this a number of times now, and repeat the steps exactly. There must be a difference between version, or a parameter not covered by the tutorial that is different between versions. My main goal is to calculate the wall shear, however both 17.2 and 18.2 do not give this if following the tutorial from 15.0. (I just end up with a blue model with a scale from 0 to 0 that I cannot animate for time).

      Is there anywhere I can download ANSYS 15.0? Since all the other tutorials from Cornell that i am interested in also use 15.0.

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